How to get $20 discount code from Reebok

Disclaimer: I was selected by Reebok to review their Reebok One Cushion Shoe. I received two pairs of shoes and I’m on my way to being a top 5 finalist.  I was not compensated monetarily for my review.  All opinions are my own based on my experiences.

Two months ago I received an email from Reebok asking me to review their Reebok One Cushion Shoe as part of their #RunWithOne campaign.  I happily accepted because honestly, I was curious.  It had been a while since I had tried on a pair of Reeboks.  So, why not, right? By the way, I’m wearing Reebok shorts on the picture below from my college years at UF. I can definitively say I got my money’s worth on those!

These bright and colorful running shoes came in to my life. At first sight, they were beautiful. I mean, I love colors, so these were perfect for me. Question was, will they work? Will they offer me the support I need while running?

These little babies made it with me to the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando. I wasn’t about to let a new running trail get away from me! And the grounds at the Rosen Creek were perfect for a quick run. These shoes are very supportive. The Reebok One shoe was built from back to front to mimic the way your foot moves. There are three especially design zones for cushion, transition and rebound. Another plus for these shoes is their weight, they are super light and perfect if you are a neutral runner.

— Xiomara Meeks (@xiomeeks) July 31, 2014



They made it to the Keys and South Florida. And now we are back home and just when I thought the Reebok One campaign was over, I received another email. According to the email from Reebok, I’m close to being one of the top 5 Finalists. But I need your help, if you click on this link and answer their 4 easy trivia questions, you can get your $20 discount and help me reach the top 5!

What do you say? Will you help me? You have until August 31st to get the $20 discount code. So hurry!

What would you buy?