The History of Ulele

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Are you a Pocahontas fan? Well, it turns out Pocahontas’s story may have been an adaptation of Ulele’s story. Ulele was an indian girl who threw herself in the fire to protect 17 year old Juan Ortiz in the name of love. And that’s how the story goes.

It seems pretty fitting that the new talk of the town restaurant in Tampa Heights would be name after such a love story because the work that went into renovating the 1903 structure to what it is today could only be referred to as a labor of love. The beautiful high ceilings and ornate wood siding as well as the beautiful iron sculptures throughout Ulele has a fancy yet comfortable feeling. Sophisticated, yet accessible.

But enough about their story and their building, lets get to the food. My favorite part of any menu has always been the appetizers. I feel that if a restaurant has a nice choice of appetizers, then you really get a feel for what the restaurant has to offer. So at our table we ordered the lobster cake, lobster claw, pulpo carpaccio and the charbroiled oysters.

The lobster claw was served in a big tall stainless steal martini glass which I personally don’t like, because I’m short and the plate is at face height, but I really enjoyed the corn and avocado bites mixed in with the cocktail sauce. As for the lobster cake, what it lacked in presentation it sure made up in flavor. Remember don’t judge a book by its’ cover…

Now for the big winners. The pulpo carpaccio was amazing. I liked how it was paper thin, thinner than sashimi but it packed great flavor with the spicy condiment. My second favorite were those charbroiled oysters. Those oysters were like little fluffy goodness cooked just right with cheese on top. Can it get better than this?

The answer is yes. Let’s start with the bone-in sirloin. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked right to temperature. And yes, there was popcorn on the mashed potatoes. I love the fun aspect of ulele. The pork shank was melt in your mouth tender and the chutney just put it over the top.

The restaurant also offers great cocktails as well as locally brewed beers. And if you are a tequila or bourbon fan be sure to try Ulele’s own Patron and Knob Creek bourbon which were made especially chosen by Ulele.

We truly enjoyed our dinner. The restaurant is beautiful and the location right on the water can’t be beat. They do offer a kids menu, so I see myself coming back soon with our kids to grab a bite to eat after playing in the splash pad nearby.

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    1. Yes, it’s part of a big redevelopment in the Tampa Heights area. The city has even built a new splash pad and a Riverfront walkway is on the works too!

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