Flying Trapeze School in Miami

Life with two little girls is full of surprises. You never know what will come out of their mouths, especially at the dinner table. When my youngest daughter mentioned she wanted to be a trapeze artist when she grew up I was intrigued as to how I could make that possible. Or at least, give her an opportunity to try it.

Thanks to a google search I found the Flying Trapeze School in Miami. Luckily, they accept kids as young as 6 years old so we were in! We had planned for both girls to try it. Surprisingly, my oldest daughter really enjoyed it and even made some cool “tricks” up in the air. As for my youngest daughter, she was not as strong so she had a little more difficulty. However, they both enjoyed it very much and would love to come back.

The instructor and team at the school were excellent in providing guidance. They were also super friendly. Both qualities were very important to me since they were basically instructing my two ย little girls how to properly “fly”. It was a great experience and seeing the excitement in my little girls’ eyes was totally worth it.

They convinced me to try “flying” so being a good sport, I went for it. It was the most exhilarating experience ever. And I do love roller coasters, but this was on a totally different level. I quickly realized how much strength you really need to have to “fly” on a trapeze.

Here are some tips if you ever decide to fly:

  1. Call ahead and book an appointment. While we were there so many people came by to ask if they could join us. I felt bad mostly for the kids who wanted to try it but couldn’t.
  2. Make sure to wear “tight” fitting clothing. Your running or workout clothes works for this. In fact, I just had on regular shorts and a form fitted shirt on when I did it.
  3. Make sure you take off all your jewelry! Especially your rings. When I got to the top the assistant asked me to take off my jewelry, so I took off my bracelet but not my wedding rings. While swinging on the bar I could feel it hurting my fingers.
  4. Bring plenty of water. Just like any other exercising activity, you are going to need to keep hydrated.
  5. Have fun!

Would you try “flying” on a trapeze?


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    1. Thank you! You are too sweet. I just figured why not? They are only little for so long and if they want to try something and I can make it happen, I will. ๐Ÿ™‚

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