Five Steps to Clean Eating

What is your definition of “clean eating”? Do you consider yourself a “clean eater”? By now, the shop the perimeter of your grocery store may seem “cliche”, but really that’s one of the easiest ways to eater better. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been battling the issue of clean eating since 1916. Throughout the years the USDA has introduced nutritional guides based on anywhere from four basic “food groups” to eleven.

clean eating

Clean Eating Essentials

Having a Plan:

Do you venture into a grocery store without a shopping list? I mean, do you drive to a new destination without first checking google for directions? Do you try new restaurants without looking up yelp or trip advisor reviews? Maybe you do and if so, I applaud you. You are living life in the fast lane. 😉 My motto has always been you can’t eat junk food if you don’t buy it. Granted, if you work outside the home you are bombarded with candy dishes and the occasional birthday cake. But the point is still valid, if you don’t have access to junk food it won’t be so easy to eat it. Your shopping list is your plan!

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What’s a Blogger Journal Swap?

Meet Kate from relokate. I met her through a blogger Journal Swap. She’s a British Expat traveling through Europe.

Back in August I came across the opportunity to be part of a blogger journal swap through Nancy from Neatly Packaged and Lisa from Adventures from a Dream Catcher. The chance to meet a new blogger seemed like a good idea so I signed up.

journal swap

To my surprise, I was paired up with Kate from relokate.  Kate is a British expat living in Germany. She quit her job and decided to travel the world. I love reading her blog posts about her frequent travels. Prior to this Journal Swap, I did not know about Kate’s blog. The funny thing is that we’ve been planning a trip to Europe for next year. We visited Europe during our honeymoon and made a promise to return ten years later. One of the cities we are planning on visiting is Paris.

I believe in coincidences or faith, whatever you want to call it. So, to be paired up with a travel blogger in Europe who ends up sending me a journal with Paris on it just made it that more special. I’ll keep you posted on our travel plans. But for now, go check her blog and tell her hi for me!

Five Reasons to run the Red Ribbon Half Marathon

Last Saturday I ran the Red Ribbon Half Marathon in Lakeland. I had a vague idea of the course and some friends warned me about the hills. But really, how hilly could it be? This is Florida after all. Well, they weren’t kidding. But before I get ahead of myself, here are my top five reasons to run this race.


  1. Beautiful Course: This course went through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Lakeland. Some of those houses could be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. I knew the homes around Lake Hollingsworth were beautiful, I just didn’t realize how many more beautiful houses were outside of that area. In addition, we ran through the Florida Southern College Campus which was amazing as well.
  2. Spectators: Throughout the entire course there were people cheering for us! I did not expect this at all. It was a great surprise especially since I went to the race by myself. So, people of Lakeland, Thank you! Oh, and to those kids handing out the icy paper towels at mile 11, THANK YOU!
  3. Supplies: So thankful for all the volunteers offering both Gatorade and water throughout the course. Half way through they were handing out Gu packets. Yum. Later on, I saw some bananas too. And let’s not forget the porta potties. Thank you!
  4. Challenge: If you are looking for a race to test your stamina and endurance, this would be it. There was a very long and steady incline hill at around mile marker 4. But the worst was Success Hill and Massachusetts Avenue both at mile 11 and 12. Yes, there were two very big hills, for Florida, so close to the finish line. Talk about intense. Despite all the hills, I was somehow able to manage a new PR!
  5. Fun: This was one of the most exciting courses I’ve done. I wasn’t able to do early packet pickup so I was a little rushed in the morning picking up my bib, but once the race started all the nerves settle down and it was a very enjoyable experience.