What a tragedy teaches us

Hayden Hitchcock

This week we experienced the loss of our cousin’s Kristen’s four year old son. Four years old. That’s all I can think of. How he didn’t make it to Kindergarden. How he’ll never make it to High School or College. We’ll never see the man he was to become. But what if, that was His plan? What if, Hayden Hitchcock, with his infectious smile, had done everything he was meant to do?

I don’t consider myself an overly religious person. I’ll give you an example, last night on our way home I was unable to properly quote the Bible, I had the gist of it. I’m Catholic.

That being said, through my own children I have experienced moments of enlightenment when I just sit and realize, wow, that must be how Jesus loves us.

When one of my children hurt and I cuddle and hug them.

When one of my children impatiently wait for something not knowing that I have something else even better waiting for them.

How everyday is a gift because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So hug your loved ones. Keep them close. Because you just never know.

4 thoughts on “What a tragedy teaches us”

  1. Xiomara, I am so so sorry for your family’s huge loss. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that there is a special place for children that are taken from us too soon. I am keeping you all close to my heart and my thoughts!
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  2. I read this story in our local paper. There are numerous Psalms in the Bible that helps us through troubled times. The Lord is in control of this situation and only He knows the reason why. Praying for the Lord’s comforting arms around your family.

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