Breville Juice Fountain Plus Review

I’ve been contemplating whether to buy a juicer or not for a while now. And when I say a while. I mean almost a year. Even my mom was like hurry up already, just pick one up. Mind you, my husband was saying the same. My previous juicer was a hand me down Jack Lalane which I just never really got comfortable using.

I present to you my new Breville juicer.

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Review

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Five Steps to Clean Eating

What is your definition of “clean eating”? Do you consider yourself a “clean eater”? By now, the shop the perimeter of your grocery store may seem “cliche”, but really that’s one of the easiest ways to eater better. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been battling the issue of clean eating since 1916. Throughout the years the USDA has introduced nutritional guides based on anywhere from four basic “food groups” to eleven.

clean eating

Clean Eating Essentials

Having a Plan:

Do you venture into a grocery store without a shopping list? I mean, do you drive to a new destination without first checking google for directions? Do you try new restaurants without looking up yelp or trip advisor reviews? Maybe you do and if so, I applaud you. You are living life in the fast lane. ­čśë My motto has always been you can’t eat junk food if you don’t buy it. Granted, if you work outside the home you are bombarded with candy dishes and the occasional birthday cake. But the point is still valid, if you don’t have access to junk food it won’t be so easy to eat it. Your shopping list is your plan!

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The History of Ulele

Are you a Pocahontas fan? Well, it turns out Pocahontas’s story may have been an adaptation of Ulele’s story. Ulele was an indian girl who threw herself in the fire to protect 17 year old Juan Ortiz in the name of love. And that’s how the story goes.

It seems pretty fitting that the new talk of the town restaurant in Tampa Heights would be name after such a love story because the work that went into renovating the 1903 structure to what it is today could only be referred to as a labor of love. The beautiful high ceilings and ornate wood siding as well as the beautiful iron sculptures throughout Ulele has a fancy yet comfortable feeling. Sophisticated, yet accessible.

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Fun places to eat – South Florida Edition

While staying at the Renaissance in Boca Raton we had the option to eat at a lot of new to me places. ┬áTrying out new restaurants is always a favorite of mine. ┬áHere’s a list of the fun places to eat we found while in South Florida. ┬áThese are all “kid approved” places too.

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Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

I can’t take credit for this Strawberry Shortcake recipe because it came from Piper’s Strawberry Shortcake game app. Nonetheless, it was very easy and yummy! Just a few ingredients and you can treat yourself to an amazing fresh strawberry shortcake anytime of the year.

how to make strawberry shortcake

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