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Whole Foods Market Giveaway

August 17, 2014

Disclaimer: I was given a $20 gift card by Whole Foods Market Carrollwood, free of charge in exchange for this review through their partnership with Tampa Bay Bloggers.  All opinions are mine based on my experience. I was not compensated monetarily for this review.

I jumped at the chance to visit this Whole Foods Market store because I thought it would be fun for the girls to have one more last minute Back to School Bash!  The promise of face painting and a magician was enough to get the girls excited.  First stop was picking up a free healthy pre-packed lunch for the girls.  The pre-packed lunch consisted of a banana, carrots, diced chicken, kind bar, go-go squeeze and a juice box.  Yum!

Whole Foods Market

What kid doesn’t like firetrucks?  Apparently my kids.  They were more interested in the fire rescue paramedics than the firemen.
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Dinner at Red Door Wine Market

August 13, 2014

Tonight we decided to head over to Lakeland to have dinner at the Red Door Wine Market. I heard about the Red Door Wine Market through Fit Niche. They host a 5k pub run on Tuesday nights which starts and ends at the Red Door Wine Market. While I would love to join their pub run, this time I was there with the family. A quick check on yelp, revealed that they are “not” good for kids. I contacted the restaurant before heading there. Their response was that they did not have a dedicated “kids” menu. Was I worried about bringing my kids? Yes and no. Yes, because I didn’t want to bring them to a “bar” but I knew that my kids would find something in their menu to eat. So, I felt confident we’d be ok. Besides, we were headed there at 6 pm so I knew there wouldn’t be too much of a drinking crowd.

Walking up to the restaurant, it is very unassuming place. It’s a little old house with a white tent outside. On this day, the tent was hosting a lot of runners. So we walked right by them to get a sit inside. Can I just tell you, how much I love the decor? It’s a really comfortable setting with wooden floors and original art on the walls. Again, nothing fancy but definitively nice.

Menu Lakeland Red Door Wine Market

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A Few of My Favorite Things: Key West

August 6, 2014

It’s that time of year when the market closes for two weeks and we flee Plant City. 😉  This year, we decided to stay semi-local by driving to the east coast for a few days.  First stop, Key West!  Living in South Florida, driving to the Keys was an easy get away for us.  But after having kids, it had been a while since we visited one of our favorite places: Key West.

We figured by now, the girls were old enough to be in the car for so long without it being to much of an ordeal.  They were really good troopers.  We made a pit stop in Fort Drum and Coral Springs before reaching Hawk’s Key, where we stayed.  The pit stop in Coral Springs was really so I could finally try Giraffas.  I’ve seen them come up on my twitter feed and their food look yummy every time.

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New Beginnings and Blogging Tips

August 3, 2014

Two and a half years ago, I finally got the courage to start blogging so I created a blog for the market, Parkesdale.  I’ve seen the blog grow and myself with it.  While blogging for the market, I sometimes felt as if the topics I was discussing were not inline with what Parkesdale customers would be interested with.  So this summer, I decided that it was time for a “new beginning” and that’s how my own personal blog started.  With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share some of my blogging tips with you.
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