Weekly Workout Roundup: Week 6/12

Woot Woot Week 6 is done! That means I’m halfway on my half marathon training. There’s been ups and downs, but I’m taking it a week at a time and rolling with the punches. The last time I ran 9 miles was March 2013 while training for the Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater. I was supposed to run my 9 miles on Friday, but I overslept. So I made sure to get out on Saturday and catch up on my long run.

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Weekly Workout Roundup: Week 5 Half Marathon Training

So, after last week’s “rockstar” training status, this past week did not go so well. I say rockstar because I actually did all my scheduled runs. But alas. Between evening and early morning meetings for work and waking up early to catch up on Parkesdale stuff, this blog, and the rain, I missed two runs: Thursday and Friday.  It just wasn’t going to happen.

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Weekly Workout Roundup: Week 4 Half Marathon Training

I’ve been slowly getting my routine together so I can run the Red Ribbon Half Marathon in Lakeland coming up in November. After a few weeks of quasi committed running, I finally decided to get it together and stick with it.   As always, my “coach” is my trusty Nike+ app. It hasn’t failed me yet, so why change right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 🙂

Weekly progress chart with nike+.

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July Running Recap

By the end of June I had decided that my running break was over. It was time to get back to running. I know its been hot and wet here in Florida, but honestly my shorts began to feel a little bit snug. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m fat. In fact, I don’t even own a scale. I’ve always gone by the way my clothes fit so I knew it was time to get back to running. I mean, I hadn’t gone for a run since June 4th and before that it was May 7th. And according to my trusted Nike+ app, it appears I only ran twice in April. Yikes!

running recap

Although it’s been extremely hot and wet this July, I’m happy to say that I was able to run 32.96 miles during this month as well as bike 38.44 miles! For the running, I attempted to run two to three times a week. For the biking portion, I attempted to ride my bike on Saturdays instead of driving. It just made sense to ride my bike as part of cross training instead of driving to the gym to go to a spinning class. Here’s a blog post I wrote about it.  When you are short in time, you have to get creative!
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