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#ad Keep it clean with Win Detergent

October 10, 2014



As someone who is currently training for a half marathon, I’m no stranger to stinky work out clothes. Even though most of my runs are at the crack of dawn when the sky is still covered in stars, my running clothes are soaked in sweat. Sorry, but it’s true. Through Fit Approach, I was given the opportunity to test out Win Detergent. I received two full size bottles for this review and lucky for you, you can enter the giveaway to get your own bottles to try!


I have seen Win at a bike shop in Tampa when I was shopping for my cargo/utility bike. I almost picked it up but I got distracted and forgot all about it. Right away I noticed that Win is he, which means its high efficiency laundry detergent. The second thing I noticed about Win was the bubble gum like taste. It smells really good.  And my running clothes smelled even better after washing them with Win. 🙂


Win also offers a Green version which is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.  Win Green offers the same great odor eliminating power with a fragrance-free and dye-free formula. My one complain with Win is that I don’t like how the cap doesn’t screw back on to the bottle. However, given how well it worked at keeping the “stink” out of my running clothes, I’m willing to overlook it. 😉

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